The Worldforge project lets you create your own virtual world. Everything we do is 100% Free Software.

We provide servers, clients, tools, protocol and media. You provide the world.


What do you want to do?

Some goblins

The Worldforge project works to provide tools, technologies, servers, clients, protocol, media and a community to allow anyone to create their own virtual world. Everything we do is 100% Free Software. That means that anyone can use and build on our work.

Perhaps you have an idea for an awesome MMORPG? Or perhaps you want to simulate a working ecosystem? Might be that you want to use an online simulation for education? Or perhaps you just want to have fun in a totally open world. All of this is possible with Worldforge.

Editing a human

We provide a default medieval MMORPG world which we call Deeds. This should serve as your starting ground. Since everything we do is Free Software you can build on this, adapting it to your liking.

The world is a living thing. Plants grow and wither. Animals roam the world, eating and getting eaten. Both enemies and friends behave intelligently. The Worldforge system provides unprecedented flexibility. Only your imagination sets the limit.