Moving to a monorepo

The Worldforge project contains a large selection of different libraries, server, client and tools. For quite some while these have all been spread out into separate repositories. One of our initial thoughts was to release these components separately so that various third party projects could use them. However, as time went by it became apparent that this vision never materialized. None of our libraries have seen use outside Worldforge.

Thus is was only natural to combine the components that are in active use into one monorepo, which can be found here. The repository contains the Cyphesis server, the Ember client and all of the libraries that are needed to build them. This means that the older repositories containing code for components are now in archive mode.

There are still a couple of repositories that we don’t feel should be pulled into the monorepo. Amongst these is the Worlds repository which contains the demo worlds.

Along with this change the build setup has been greatly improved, and there’s no longer any need for the Hammer tool.