While the whole Worldforge project is designed to allow for you to create your own world we do provide some default worlds. These are mainly meant to be used as examples of what you can do, and as starting points for your own creations. The Worlds are defined using XML declarations, and are meant to be loaded into a running instance of Cyphesis, using the cyimport command, like such:

cyimport deeds/braga/world.xml

Get the source from Github.


The default ruleset is called “Deeds”. The ruleset defines the rules of the world, i.e. how things behave. By altering the ruleset you change the rules of the world. The Deeds worlds are all set in a fictional fantasy world called Dural. It’s your basic medieval RPG setting.

The focus of Deeds is on simple combat and crafting mechanics.

The island of Braga

Some carrots

Our default world is the island of Braga, a rather small island in unknown waters. The world is designed to teach the user the basic gameplay mechanics and to introduce some simple combat and crafting situations.

The demo world

We also provide a simple demonstration world. This world is only meant to be used by world creators as an example of the various mechanics. Install it on a running server through (note that this will clear any existing world)

cyimport --clear deeds/demo/world.xml