A sty To play the game you will need to get the Ember client, which is used for playing the game. Download it from here.

User Interface and Controls

Currently all game worlds have a 3rd person perspective and WASD and “mouse drive” movement system that is common to most other MMORPG’s that you might have played. One difference that is not common is that Ember provides two modes of interaction. Movement Mode, and Cursor Mode. To learn more about these modes and all available commands as well as a guide to the default User Interface please visit the Interface and Controls section.

Understanding Gameplay

Unlike typical MMORPG’s the default gameplay rules in WorldForge called “Deeds” does not revolve around killing things to progress. Focus is placed on surviving and adventuring into the world. Players will have to interact with the environment and the characters they meet to learn what is available for them to do. We have provided a Gameplay Guide section which details all the game functionality present for players to experience.