The Worldforge project is made up of many different components, which initially can be confusing. Creating a virtual world is a daunting task, and there are many areas which require specific technical solutions. We’ve been going at this for quite some time and has created a collection of libraries and various technologies that we use throughout the project.

For the impatient

If you’re new to Worldforge and just want to dive into it, you probably only need to know about Ember the client and Cyphesis the server.

For the patient

If you’re more patient you perhaps rather want to also read up on the Atlas protocol, or the Eris client library, or the Mercator terrain system. You might be interested in the Varconf configuration system, the WFMath math library or the Metaserver. Keep in mind that all code is available for all of our systems, for you to both inspect and alter.

You also want to take a look of the default worlds that we provide.