Installable packages for Windows and Linux

We’ve extended our infrastructure for building installable packages and now provide a wider variety.

Since before we have used the Open Build Service to automatically build packages for a wide selection of Linux distros. This setup can be viewed here.

This setup has now been expanded with both TravisCI, AppVeyor and Snapcraft.

On TravisCI we have a setup where we build packages for both Linux and OSX, using both GCC and Clang. While we do build for OSX we don’t yet provide any installable packages. The result is a both an AppImage and a Snap package of the Ember client.

On AppVeyor we have a setup where we build Ember for Windows using MSVC. This results in an installable package.

On Snapcraft we have a setup where we build the Cyphesis server.

The end result of this is that we now automatically build our code for Linux, Windows and OSX, on both x86, amd64 and aarch64. And we use GCC, Clang and MSVC as compilers. This makes sure that we catch most code incompatibilities rather quick.

In order to make this happened we’ve embraced the Conan package manager. All packages that we depend on are provided as Conan packages. The process of building Ember is now as simple as just doing “conan install”. The sources contain more information on how to use it.

The new binary packages can be downloaded from