Software Downloads

Packages vs Compiling

Because WorldForge is open source all users have the option to use compiled packages for their operating system or compile their own versions. So should you use a package or compile your own?

The general rule of thumb is if you are not planning to develop the software, modify the code, or be involved in testing new features as they are being developed you can safely install the packages which will be potentially more stable. If you plan to be more directly involved in the development cycle in some way then setting up a development environment from the start can be a good approach.

Ember Client

The system is currently undergoing large changes, down to protocol level. Therefore the latest release, 0.7.2, will not work with newer servers.

We do however provide an automatically built Ember client for Linux, available from here.

Older release, 0.7.2, will not work with newer servers

Cyphesis Server

Latest release, 0.6.2

Other Downloads

You can find a complete listing on files for including older versions of game client, world servers, libraries and tools on sourceforge.