The Ember client

The main client is called Ember. It's a modern 3d client, running on Windows, Linux and FreeBSD.

It's used both by users as well as by world authors. This means that you can seamlessly both experience the world and alter it, all from the same view. All of the source code is also available as Free Software. This allows anyone to expand and extend the client. We also provide a powerful scripting environment through Lua, further allowing the client to be customized.

Some highlights of the client:

  • Full 3d world through the use of the Ogre engine
  • Easy to use GUI system through the use of the CEGUI system
  • Scriptable gui (currently supporting Lua)
  • Extensible model composition through xml-defintion files
  • Advanced rules engine for server-to-client appearance mappings
  • Extensive in game authoring.

Latest version

The latest version of Ember is automatically built from the source and available for Linux here. The whole Worldforge system is currently undergoing extensive and breaking changes, so older clients will not work with current servers. Once things stabilizes we'll do more proper releases for other systems.

Older versions

The latest stable version of Ember is 0.7.2. It was released 2014-02-17. 

Note that this version won't work with newer servers.

You can also use WebEmber to play within your browser.

Development and more info

If you're interested in developing Ember, the source is available on Github. There's also a lot more information on the wiki.