Community Services

WorldForge uses a number of infrastructure services for communicating and coordinating all the various aspects of the project. Below you will find a short description along with links to visit those services.

Collaborative Wiki

The WorldForge collaborative wiki is a great way for community members to document and collaborate on new ideas and implementations. The information and topics found there should be considered a work in progress. In the case of contradictory information being found there you should consider this website to be the official word on the subject except for the archived historical sections.


Launchpad provides bug tracking and feature planning through blueprints that provides an overview and roadmap for various project components. While the development roadmap lists the current task focus, you will find many more features are planned and just waiting for a volunteer to take the task on. If you are interested in getting involved and looking for a task that interests you it is a great place to start.


All of the code for the libraries, server, and client as well as a number of other tools and components developed by the community are available as Github repositories. You can learn more about how to use Github to acquire and work with services it provides on their website, but to learn how to be a contributing member please visit the developers section of this website.

Mailing Lists

The mailing list is the main form of communication between community members. You can get information on the mailing lists about how to subscribe and also view the archives of past emails. It is a great resource, and we strongly recommend you introduce yourself and share your ideas with us there.

IRC - Internet Relay Chat

WorldForge provides its own IRC server with channels related to the project and it can provide a direct form of communication with WorldForge developers. Please be aware, while it does offer you the chance to have real time conversations with people interested and knowledgeable about the project you do need to exercise patience when you ask questions. We are all busy people from all over the world and when we see there is some activity in an IRC channel we will respond, but this can take time so you may need to wait a while for a response from someone. If you can not wait, then you are likely better off using the mailing list to contact project members.

The main channel you'll want to join is #lounge. Many other channels exist for discussions about specific WorldForge areas of concern (e.g. #cyphesis, #ember, #mason, #infra, #coders, #media, #worlds).
Web Client
If you don't want to install an IRC client and want to visit us over the medium you can use the popular Mibbit web client to drop by and say hello.
IRC Logs
If you are interested in past conversations you or other people might have had on various subjects you can find a the channel logs on the Brenda bot website.

Discussion Forums

While not the primary method of communicating and coordinating our effects we do provide an official WorldForge forum for those who prefer that format over a mailing list.