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Posted by admin on March 13, 2018

The Open Build Service is a pretty awesome service which allow for (fairly) easy setup of automatic builds of packages on most major Linux distributions. We're currently using it to automate builds of all Worldforge components on OpenSuSE, Fedora, Debian and Ubuntu. Our own little space can be found here.

Check out the current status of the builds here

Apart from creating RPM and DEB packages there's also support for AppImage, which is an executable format for Linux. We already have it setup to automatically build the Ember client whenever the source changes.

The final AppImage binaries are put here, and a direct link to the latest Ember binary can be found at

We would love for users to try the client out and report any issues they are having with it. Packaging stuff on Linux can be a bit tricky.


Posted by JamesMoilk on
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Posted by FrankMirty on
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Posted by DarkBat on
hi sir
i Download the client ember-1530733529.257d86d0a-72.3.Build72.1434.glibc2.17-x86_64.AppImage
but i can't find any server to connect help pls
Posted by DarkBat on
there are no help?
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