Cover art by zzorn. Also contains art by mithro, Alien, Pato, and others.

The Chopping Block returns!

Well the Chopping Block is back! Yes, it's harder to get rid of then the fungus between your toes (insert evil laugh), plus it's a lot more interesting! (Well, then my toe fungus anyway...)

Anyway after the disaster with the December Chopping Block disappearing off the face of the earth, we have a much needed February Issue. This issue is packed to the RIM (Bad Worldforge Joke) with articles that I won't even try to talk about them all.

There is a whole bunch of stuff from the Dime people (3 articles and a meeting summary). (Okay so I lied, I am going to talk about them). There is some stuff about Worldforge's new focus Mason, a white paper from DragonM about audio and a white paper about Media packages from zzorn. As well, the first issue of the amazing "Ask the Chopping Block!" is included (answering that age long question "How do I become a Worldforge Developer?"), a new announcements (it even includes some REAL announcements!) and the latest from Demitar's RimDungeon comic. Malkin has given yet another installment of her story and nowhere has converted zzorn's coloring tutorial to Gimp.

Oh, I almost forgot there is a tutorial about creating 3d humanoid's from magnetHead.

All in all this is one of the biggest and best Chopping Block ever to come out!

Anyway I better let you actually read this Issue, so this is Mithro, signing off.

PS: Articles for next months Chopping Block are due on the 4 of March

UPDATE:The updated coloring tutorial was done by nowhere not nikal, a big sorry to nikal and nowhere!