2004/07/25 WorldForge Weekly News 2: The Chronicles of Riddoch by: AlRiddoch

"All the commits in the universe can't change cvs history."

This is the grossly misnamed WorldForge Weekly News for the week ending Friday the 23rd July, based on what I have been working on, activity I have seen on irc, and commits to cvs.

The news of the week has been a steady succession of releases from all over the project culminating in the meta-release of Mason 0.2 on Thursday. First to make it out the door was sear 0.5.0 by Simon Goodall, followed by a succession of library releases comprising wfmath released by Ron Steinke, and Atlas-C++ and Mercator released by myself. A stable release of cyphesis 0.3.1 followed.

Mason 0.2 is the collective name given to these releases, in particular to sear 0.5.0, cyphesis 0.3.1. It also includes all the dependencies for these packages, and all the media that the creative members of the team have worked so hard to create. Mason 0.2 source packages are available in a collected directory linked from the Mason game page on the website. Binaries are available through various channels, including packages for windows and MacOS, yum channels for some Linux distros, sourcemage packages, and debian packages on the way.

Mason 0.2 means that we have a stable, good looking, playable game available to all comers. Players, world builders, developers and griefers can now all use this release as a starting point to find out what we are all about.

Many thanks to everyone in the WorldForge project, pretty much all of whom have work included in this release.

Returning to the more traditional format of WWN, the main technical developments I have been working on this week have been in cyphesis. Since LinuxTag cyphesis performance has been massively improved by working on the core code for the AI engine. Kai Blin has been working on rule scripts, and his understanding of the system has progressed enormously so he is now able to expand cyphesis functionality in new directions. More interesting animal behaviours have been added. Cyphesis has been converted to use a new rule file format based on Atlas which will become the standard for all WorldForge servers. The database code has been cleaned up, and there have been loads of bug fixes.

Simon has put lots of work into preparing sear for release, including integrating the WorldForge Update Tool into the release, and fixing a huge number of niggles.

The arrival of a number of new contributors has sparked off new development in the client dime, based on the Ogre3D graphics engine. In particular Erik deserves a mention for getting terrain working, and preparing some screen shots which show lots of progress all round.

James has been working hard on the script engine for Indri, the next generation WorldForge server. Ron Steinke has been working on mercator terrain support in uclient. zzorn has been making progress with his experimental game Cloud Castle.

Screen Shots

Dime running with Ogre3D, Mercator and Eris: