2004/03/19 WorldForge Weekly News by: alriddoch

This is the WorldForge Weekly News for the week ending Friday the 19th March, based on what I have been working on, activity I have seen on irc, and commits to cvs.

Three weeks worth of stuff since the last inappropriately named WWN.

I have mainly been working on the user interfaces of apogee and equator, with a focus on improving usuability for demos at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) and MUD-Dev Conference (MDC) in San Jose next week. apogee now has a server browser, and a chat console. Collision detection with oriented boxes is now working in cyphesis. equator can now be used to edit the terrain in the server, and the changes are visible immediatly in apogee. Lots of bugfixes and minor enhancements all round.

James has made great progress on the major overhall of Eris. The new version is now compiling cleanly, and work on the tests are in progress. His work has also flushed out some important issues and bugs with Atlas-C++.

Simon has released new versions of his opengl extensions library sage, and his 3D client sear. Available from the ftp site. He has also been making excellent progress with support for Mercator in sear.

Ron has been doing lots of work on uclient, and has begun getting the Mercator terrain system working. An updated release up the more stable uclient code has also been done in the shape of uclient 0.16.1.

zzorn has been doing loads of work on his gamesystem and it now supports primitive editing.

I will be away at the GDC and MDC for the next couple of weeks. If anyone who is interested in WorldForge development is around for either events, it would be great to meet up. Both James and I will be presenting our work at the MDC. See the MDC page for details.


An apogee scene showing the chat interface, some pigs and a forest: