Where going down with the ship means going down with the ship!

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Some Archipelago concept art and the story so far are at:

There is very little land around, due to a large increase in the sea level. There are myths around about great continents rising out of the oceans, but have never been found. Set in post-modern times with everything and anything that floats meaning life. Massive floating islands with thousands of people, and pirates cruising the seas for their next victims. People will do almost anything to get on a ship and keep it (hence "going down with the ship").

The floating islands, or raft-cities, would be many large barges lashed together. A single barge might be as big as 200m by 100m. Some are old barges and others are made from concrete or steel on oil drums (to provide floatation) as temporary measure till the oil drums can be welded into a barge. One of the largest raft-cities had about 50 barges. When stopped at a place, they would be formed into a circle to provide sheltered "lagoon". During in transit, the barges would form lines and would use sails or be towed by other craft. The main activities of people on the raft-cities are fishing, diving and small amounts of mining.

Old ships are often used by pirates, as they are fast (faster than the raft-cities), large and defendable. Oil tankers are regarded as the most valuable because of their cargo. Pirates like to gain wealth and so attack the raft-cities and each other.

There are Nomads who sail around, offering their services to the people they meet, often joinning a raft-city or a pirate band. It is though that newbies will probably enter the game has a nomad (in small groups).

Materials available: wood, bamboo, flatten and rusting oil drums, whalebone, dried kracken tentacles, sea-bottom materials, things off ships, salt water (and lots of it).

From Bryce's WorldForge Plan:

Pirate ship to ship combat game. WaterWorld apocalyptic style. Multi-server. Fills out details of combat system and demonstrates complex physics. Focus is on 3D graphics.

If you want or wish to help, e-mail Lee, I will be very happy to have you help!