Getting WF software to run on Windows may require setting up CVS and compiling some code.

Setting up a native mingw32 build environment

The work done by the mingw team has recently made it so much easier to build linux apps native to win32. Building a native win32 environment outlines the steps needed.


The server software has not been ported to Windows and there are no plans to do so.


UClient is the main WorldForge client. You can get the most recent Mason-ready binary build from the FTP site. You'll also need to grab the media package.  Note: There are still some features that may not work as expected, such as media downloading at runtime, but Mason is fairly playable.

Dime is a relatively new client that has been designed from the ground up to be as multiplatform as possible. It's still in development and doesn't do much yet but it will soon have basic chat support in place.

Frost is indirectly available for Windows: it runs on Java and Java runs on Windows. You cannot play a complete game of Acorn or Mason with Frost, but you can see what they look like.

Sear is the main 3D WorldForge client. You can download a self-installer at the ftp site here.

If you have experience developing for the Windows platform we could use your help; please contact the WF Client mailing list.


Ptah, a map editor, is available for Windows.