Atlas is the standard protocol defining communication between the server and a client. It should work with all combinations of simple and complex servers & clients. Preliminary implentations use an XML object transport layer, with work being done on a Packed ASCII transport and efficient binary transport protocols.

An analogy: Server can be thought of as the body for a character and client might be thought of as mind for character; the protocol is the connecting neuronsc.

Atlas Features


The library that clients and servers use to implement Atlas is currently being coded. At this time we support the following languages: C++, Python and Java. Development is still in initial stages but server-client communication and Out-of-game chatting are possible. For more see libatlas link below.

Atlas-C++ - the C++ implementation

Note: Atlas libraries exist (and will exist) for multiple programming languages.


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A Battleplan is available.

There is currently discussion going on at Atlas. So these here are going to change more or less. If you want to have effect on Atlas design, subscribe to scripting list.

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