What is skstream?

Skstream is an iostream based C++ socket library. It is ideally suited for use as the underlying transport for Atlas-C++, and has been well tested and debugged. It was first discovered for WorldForge when it was used in UClient and has since been packaged up as its own library for use on other WorldForge projects. The code was originally written by Rafael Guterres Jeffman who is not involved with the project but we have extensively rewritten it. It now maintained for WorldForge by Alistair Riddoch and others.


The latest version of skstream can be found on sourceforge. Alternatively it is packaged in Debian and Fedora Extras.

Current version

Source tarball
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skstream requires an ISO C++ compiler with access to a C library with standard socket calls. It will build with variations of the socket calls found on most Linux, UNIX, MacOS-X and Windows systems.