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Quick Start Guide

Server Lists

Server List Screen

Once Sear is running you will be presented with a list of currently active servers. This should be the same as the list of servers on this website. This screen initially shows a list of IP addresses for all registered servers. This will eventually resolve over a few seconds to the hostname if the server is contactable, otherwise "timeout" of "..." will be displayed if there were problems. Clicking on a hostname will display its IP in the text box below the list. If an alternative server not in the list is required, then enter its IP or hostname in this box. Click connect to connect to the specified server.

Logging In

Account Creation

Account Creation Screen

Once connected, the account log in and creation screen is displayed. To create a new account, check the new account check box and enter a username, password, confirmed password and actual name into the fields. Click the "login" button to create a new account or log in with an existing one. There will be some explainitory popup dialogs should there be an error.

Entering the game world

Character Creation

Character Creation Screen

When successfully logged in the character creation screen will be shown. The main portion of this screen shows a list of existing characters. Clicking on an existing character name and pressing "Take Character" will use an existing character. To create a new character, enter a name in the relevant text box and give it a type of "settler" and then press "Create Character". If all went well, you should now have entered the game world.

First glimpse of a new world

World View

First View of World

When you first create a character you will start near the pig seller and some other NPC's. Touching one of these NPC's will start them talking and giving you your first few hints about what you can do. Touching is accomplished just clicking on the target. Alternatively press "t" first to activate touch. A T is displayed next to your cursor arrow.

Manipulating the Camera

The camera always looks through a point slightly above the head of the player character. Pressing the forward and backward arrow keys moves the camera closer and further away from the character respectively. The left and right arrow keys rotate the camera horizontally around the character. The page up and page down keys alter the elevation of the camera.

Moving the Character

The keys W and S move the character forward and backwards. A and D are used to rotate the character. Holding down shift makes the character run. Pressing Caps Lock enables always run. Pressing it again disables it. The Q and E keys side step.

The mouse can also be used to move forward by using the right mouse button. Moving the mouse left and right rotates the character. Moving the mouse forward and backwards alters the elevation of the camera.

Manipulating the world

Clicking on an object will set that object to become the "active object". This is the focus of some of the functions available.

Pressing "P" will set the system to pickup the next object clicked on by the mouse.

Pressing "T" will set the system to touch the next object clicked on by the mouse.

Pressing "C" will set the system to attack the next object clicked on by the mouse.

Pressing "I" will display the inventory dialog. From here, objects can be wielded, dropped to the ground or given to another entity.

Pressing "U" will use the currently wielded entity on the next object clicked on by the mouse.

By using the mouse, a single click on an object will touch the object. By clicking and then dragging on an object, you can attempt to pick it up.

To quit Sear, press escape or bring up the console and type "/quit".

Useful Features

The console command "bind" allows a user to re-define the keys. This takes the form of "/bind key_id command".

key_id is the identifier to the key. This is ascii representation in most cases, otherwise a special identifier is used. See here for the list of valid key names.

command is the command string to execute on the key press. This can be anything that can normally be typed within the console. This can also contain spaces. A further trick with keypresses is that any commands bound to a key that begin with a '+' will automatically execute the corresponding function beginning with a '-' when the key is released.

A good tip is to bind the login calls to keys. As long as you don't mind the details being stored in plaintext that is. For example, bring up the console and type:

/bind f1 /connect localhost

/bind f2 /login simon pass

/bind f3 /take simon_1

This binds F1 to connect to the server, F2 to login and F3 to enter the game world.

Once you're logged into the game world, have a look at the Mason user guide for Sear.