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the Town of Thasin ('thas-in')

Nation: Ardmor
Languages: Ardmorian, Common
Exports: Food products
Races: Human (85%) Other (15%)
Nation of Ardmor

History of Thasin

Originally founded by a city-state of Levbolne, Thasin was occupied by Mostice during the 150 Year War. Located in the foothills of the mountains, beside the river, Thasin marks the western limit of Ardmor. As such, it is partially independent from the Ardmor senate in Mostice.

Thasin's history as an Ardmorian town is filled with tales of minor rebellions against Mostice's occupation. The soldiers Mostice keeps in the town have kept this under control in recent years, although the rebel spirit still lives on in Thasin.

Traits of Thasin


Due to the lack of direct contact between Thasin and Mostice, the town is partially independant of Mostice. While selling Paith and advanced Ardmorian technology is still very much illegal in Thasin, for the right price one can find whatever they seek. Of course, the rest of Ardmor is quite aware of Thasin's trade reputation, and thus supplies from Mostice are intentionally thin.

However, Thasin's largest export is highly supported by Mostice. The town's thermo-soil farms, which allow crops to grow year-round, has produced an enormous surplus of food products. These foods are shipped to Mostice, where some are then sent out to New Goug and Araed.

Outside Views

The mentality of Thasin's citizens is quite different from the rest of Ardmor. Thasin doesn't enjoy the technologicl expertise of Araed or Mostice, therefore the people have little reason to consider themselves better than anyone else. If there is any one disliked in Thasin, it would be Mostice. Any real conflict between the cities has long ago disappeared, but still there are some who consider Thasin to be under 'permenant occupation' by Mostice.


Thasin has a town mayor, elsected by the people, who is in charge of all the town's issue. The mayor remains in office until at least 5% of the population express a desire for a re-election. Unlike Araed and Mostice, Thasin has no representation in the Ardmorian Senate.


The town is situated in the foothills of the mountains, where the river runs through to the sea. When Lord Kannig ('can-ig') of Levbolne came to the area, he built the keep atop one of these hills. As the town grew, the center of town shifted away from the easily defendable keep, to the fertile valley where the river runs between the hills.

Thus, Thasin proper sits on the side of a hill, with the Keep at its back. Rural Thasin stretches out among all the nearby hills and valleys.


All alcoholic beverages have been outlawed in Ardmor for its negative effects upon the mind. However, Thasin is farthest from the academic centers of Araed and Mostice, and its citizens hardly see the issue the same way. Thus, secret taverns have popped up throughout Thasin. Most of these are quickly shut down by the Mostice authorities, however some have still survived. The most famous of these hidden taverns is Crossroads, a tavern marked only by a black 'X'.


Thasin's military is comprised of two components. First is the City Guard, Thasin citizens pledged to preserve their city. There are also a small number of soldiers from Mostice stationed in the town. These Mostice soldiers are there more to keep Thasin's citizens in line than to protect from any outside threat.


Protection for most of the town is almost non-existant. The town is enclosed by a large wooden wall, but this wall was constructed more to mark the town limits than for any defensive purpose. In the case of an attack, the citizens can all retreat into the ancient Keep. The Keep can be easily defended by a very small number of soldiers, and has enough underground storage to feed all the citizens of Thasin for nearly four years.

Locations of Interest

The Keep

Built by Lord Kannig ('can-ig') of Levbolne, the Keep is Thasin's prime defense in case of an attack. Below the keep are hundreds of tunnels and storage rooms, stretching out throughout the hill. These rooms are kept filled with all manner of foods and weaponry, so that the Keep can operate fully, even if besieged for years. The town mayor also resides in the Keep.


Thasin has several secret taverns in operation. The mere fact that they are illegal throughout Ardmor spurs their growth, and their most common patrons are rarely from Thasin. Among all these estabolishments, none is more famous than Crossroads. The tavern itself is located well underground, in a large natural cave. The only entrance to this cave is through one of the many long tunnels that lead up into the town. On the outside, these tunnels are cleverly disguised, and should any authorities discover such an entrance, the tunnel is collapsed. Thus, new tunnels are constantly being dug from the inside out. The tavern itself is in its third generation of management, and has always been run by the Xenix family. Nobody knows the first name of its current owner/bartender, a large man over six feet tall and about three wide, so patrons simply refer to him as X. Likewise, in the outside world, the only marking of Crossroads is a black 'X'.