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the Town of New Goug ('new gouj')

Nation: Ardmor
Languages: Ardmorian, Common
Exports: Paith
Imports: None
Races: Human (100%)
Nation of Ardmor

History of New Goug

Originally New Goug was a Dwarven mining town. As part of Mostice's expansion during the 150 Year War, the town was occupied by Mostice's forces. At the time Mostice's population was entirely human, so the Dwarven inhabitants were all executed, and the name changed to New Goug (in memory of the Mithlos city of Goug from which the founders of Mostice had fled.)

Today, the town serves one sole purpose for the Ardmor empire: Paith. This highly flammable liquid has been found in vast quantities below the town. Due to the high risk of building a town atop such a volatile mine, the city's population is almost entirely miners and soldiers.

Traits of New Goug


Everything about New Goug is focused on its Paith industry. Miners carefully gather the oily liquid from the mines, and ship barrels of it downstream to Mostice. In return, Mostice supplies New Goug with everything the city might possibly need. There are no other industries in New Goug, and the citizens are reliant on the constant stream of supplies from Mostice.


New Goug has no true military of its own. Rather, soldiers are stationed in the town from Mostice's military. A posting in New Goug is greatly feared by all of Mostice's soldiers. Guarding the city posing an incredible risk, as the city is not only a prime strategic target to other lands, but also could theoretically explode at any given moment due to the vast amounts of Paith below the town.


The town's defenses are rather basic in design, and resemble those of Araed. The town is completely surrounded by a high wall. At each corner of this wall is a short tower with several black-powder cannons ready to fire out on any attackers. There are only two gaps in the entire city wall. On the southern side of the city is a small but heavily fortified door, barely wide enough for a small cart. The other opening faces the west, where the river Nordgast flows by the city. Here there is a small water gate, just barely large enough to float out a raft carrying several barrels of Paith.

To protect the shipments of Paith that are floated down the river, the eastern bank of Nordgast is fortified. A low but wide wall runs from New Goug down several miles to the south, before ending at a watchtower. From there on south, the watchtowers of Mostice can easily see and fire upon either bank of the river.