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the City of Mostice ('moh-stice')

Nation: Ardmor
Languages: Ardmorian, Common
Exports: Pottery, Ships
Imports: Stone, Wood, Ore
Races: Human (87%) Other (13%)
Nation of Ardmor

History of Mostice

The city of Mostice was founded by travellers from the Mithlos city of Goug, seeking to escape the bitter war that would later destroy Mithlos and its foe, Dorvel. These travellers went south along the mountains, a dangerous path that many did not make. The remaining emmigrants eventually found a new home south of the mountains, where the river Nordgast runs down from the mountains to the sea.

It wasn't long before Mostice's first inhabitants discovered they were not alone in that part of the world. By some manner of coincidence they had built their town nearly within sight of a Dorvel outpost. This outpost was Ard, a small fortified island just off the coast. The town of Ard had long ago ceased to be under any sort of real control by Dorvel, but that mattered little to the founders of Mostice. For many years they watched Ard intently with a secret but growing distrust, until the time was right to attack.

The war lasted one hundred and fifty long years, during which Mostice expanded its small empire, capturing the towns of Thasin and New Goug. The defenses of Araed (as Ard had changed its name just before the war) however, proved to be far more capable than Mostice had thought, and Araed held off all of their attacks.

It was the discovery of an extremely flammable liquid beneath the city of New Goug that eventually turned the tide of the war. Armed with this new weapon, Mostice launched an extremely successful attack on Araed one night. By dawn, nearly half the city lay smoldering in ashes. A council was held that day in Mostice, and the leaders of the city debated over what should be done with Araed. The popular opinion was to destroy everything on the island, until the councillor Irlis spoke. Irlis was one of Mostice's few scholars, and he recounted to the council how nearly 300 years earlier their mother kingdoms, Dorvel and Mithlos, destroyed each other. He cautioned that history often repeated itself, and advised the council to not only spare Araed, but to merge the two nations into one. Amazingly, Irlis' logic won out over the general fury caused by 150 years of war, and the nation of Ardmor was born.

Traits of Mostice


The city of Mostice sits upon the banks of the river Nordgast, at the edge of the sea. Originally the settlers from Goug built thier town between the eastern bank of the river and the coast to the south. Here they found rich soil and easy defense, as well as easy access to the sea, which would one day provide the means for attacking Araed. As the city grew, its inhabitants expanded onto the western bank of Nordgast.


The early inhabitants of Mostice built a wooden wall around the north and east borders of their town, and relied on the water to cover the other two sides of their perimeter. This wooden wall survives today, and foreigners are forebidden to pass through it. Before long, the population outgrew this wall. The citizens began building outside this wall, as well as on the far bank of Nordgast, and construction of a new wall was started. This 'grand wall' as it was dubbed then, covered a far more vast amount of space than its predecessor, was built entirely of stone (with iron-bound wooden gates) and was twelve feet high. By no matter of coincidence, Mostice launched its attack on Araed only days after the completition of the wall.

But Mostice's new wall had a major flaw; two large gaps where Nordgast ran through the sprawling city. The Council of Mostice deemed the flaw insignificant, condifent that Araed would fall easily to their attack, and defense from Araed's navy wouldn't be necessary. Indeed, the wall itself was built not for protection in a war against Araed, but as a defense while the city's army was attacking abroad.

But Araed was not so easily destroyed. During the 150 year war Araed launched two attacks on Mostice through these gaps. In both cases, a small group of fast combat ships sailed through the southern gap at night. The ships sailed from the southern border of Mostice up to the northern wall, where they turned around and sailed back down and out the southern gap. Along their course, the Araed ships bombarded the city's buildings with cannon, catapult, and archer fire. The damage was incredible, and soon an iron gate blocked the southern gap. It would be years before the less-vulnerable northern gap was filled.

After the forming of Ardmor, Mostice incorporated some of Araed's defenses into the city. There are now several large watchtowers surrounding the city. The towers are built nearly identical to those in Araed, with the only signifigent change being more room devoted to the military.


Mostice is the industrial center of Ardmor. The city's forges produce nearly all of the nation's arms and armors, including such tinkered variants as the auto-bow. However, unlike Thasin, Mostice is still a very close-minded society when it comes to outsiders. Any foreigner trying to buy Ardmorian weapons in Mostice is likely to find themselves banished from Ardmor, or worse. Therefore, Mostice's exports to foreign nations are obviously few, comprised mainly of pottery and small sailing vessels. The bulk of the city's exports stay well within the borders of Ardmor.

For an Ardmor citizen, however, Mostice can be a thrilling and highly profitable place to do business. Supplies to and from New Goug constantly flow through the Northern gates. To the east Mostice sends troops and industrial supplies to Thasin, and receives a bountiful supply of foodstuffs in return. And between Mostice and Araed, no trade is foregone. But, despite all the bustling exchange, the real economy of Mostice is deep within the city, along what has become known as 'Golden Street.'


The people of Mostice are a proud people, even more so than the rest of Ardmor. One's ancestory is very important in Mostice, and anyone able to trace their lineage back to Mithlos is sure to gain wealth and prestige. By the same token, outsiders are often limited to accessing small sections of the city near the main gates, and are forbidden entrance past the Old Wall. This allows the people of Mostice to go about their normal activities, without the constant fear that outsiders might gain access to their advances.


A city council consisting of 10 Governors, plus one Executor, rule over the city. Governors have a term of two years, while the term of the Executor is five years. The Executor has the priviledge of always being the last to vote on an issue, and must have already served at least three terms as a Governor to be qualified for the position.

In addition, Mostice is home to the Ardmorian Senate, and provides 20 senators. Senators have a five year term, and must have already served at least two terms as a governor to be eligible. All government positions are voted on publically. All citizens above the age of 20 may vote, and most do.

Locations of Interest

'Golden Street' (A.K.A. Banker's Street)

Within the Old Wall of Mostice is Banker's Street. Originally home to the city's sole bank, the street has been overrun with shops and vendors in the streets, and has become known to most as 'Golden Street.' Here all the wealthiest merchants in the city have taken up shop, and any manner of gadgetry can be found for sale along the street.

Some have compared 'Golden Street' to the universties and intellectual guilds of Araed. One need only stroll down the street to be bombarded with a flood of new ideas and inventions from all manner of sellers. It is rumored that the Telescopic Blade (a basic component of any guard's equipment) was first discovered on 'Golden Street', being sold by a weaver who had crafted the weapon in his spare time.

Grand Barracks

Mostice is also home to the Grand Barracks of the Ardmorian Army. Here the nation's standing army resides and trains, while not serving duty elsewhere in the nation. While the Grand Barracks is reknown throughout Ardmor as the finest military institution, outsiders are quick to criticize the Army's unavoidably calm nature. In truth, the Grand Barracks is more of a university than a military camp, and most soldiers spend more time "improving" their equipment than actually training for combat.

The Senate Chambers

During the 150 year war, the original Mostice Town Hall was destroyed during one of Araed's naval attacks up the Nordgast, before the southern sea-gate was built. After the war, the Senate Chambers were built upon its ruins.

Here the 45 members of the Ardmorian Senate gather. 20 senators come from Mostice and Araed each, three are from Thasin, and two represent New Goug. In addition to the Senate Hall, where matters of national importance are discussed among the Senate, the Chambers also contain living quarters for all 25 of the Senators from outside of Mostice. Foreign diplomats visiting the city are lodged in one of the inns near the outer wall, and are given an armed escort to and from the Chambers.

Irlisian Academy

While most intellectual institutions in Ardmor focus on the practical, logical, and mechanical, the Irlisian Academy is quite different. Founded by the Councillor Irlis, referred to by many as 'Irlis the Merciful,' the Academy teaches pacificsm and the search for one's 'inner truth.'

While the Academy isn't incredibly popular within Ardmor, it demands notice as one of the few important Mostice institutions that is built outside of the old wall. Of even more interest is the fact that the Academy has been known to even teach lessons to foreigners visiting the city. The Ardmorian Senate has often debated closing the Academy, in fear that it will attract to many outsiders into the city, but the vote has never reached the majority of the Senate.