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the City of Araed ('air-e-ad')

Nation: Ardmor
Languages: Ardmorian, Common
Exports: Fish
Imports: Stone, Wood, Crafted Goods (furniture, pottery)
Races: Human (99%)
Nation of Ardmor

History of Araed

Originally a small island outpost for a vast northern empire, the Kingdom of Dorvel, the city was known as Ard. A small all-human fishing town, Ard was hardly an important part of Dorvel's empire. Over the years the city gained its independence and changed its name to Araed. The independent city of Araed soon became entangled in a bitter war with Mostice, a city on the nearby coastline. This war lasted for one hundred and fifty years, before the Mostice armies stormed the city with a new weapon, burning nearly half the city to the ground. However, Araed was spared, and joined with Mostice to create the nation of Ardmor.

Today, Araed continues to thrive. Its people have embraced technology fully, and nearly every citizen has at one time or another considered themself either an inventor or a scientist. Due to their technological advances, the citizens of Araed consider themselves superior to the rest of the world, whom they view largely as illiterate barbarians. Even within the nation of Ardmor, Araed sees itself as the purest and wisest, and is loathe to accept newcomers. Among those least trusted within the city walls are non-humans, who simply have never lived in Araed in all the city's history, and travellers from the Ardmor city of Mostice. While the two cities have been allied for many generations, there is not a soul in Araed unfamiliar with Mostice's invasion of Araed at the end of the 150 year war.

For more information on the city's history, see the Nation of Ardmor's History section.

Traits of Araed


A city council consisting of 10 Governors, plus one Executor, rule over the city. Governors have a term of two years, while the term of the Executor is five years. The Executor has the priviledge of always being the last to vote on an issue, and must have already served at least three terms as a Governor to be qualified for the position.

In addition, Araed sends twenty senators to Mostice for the Ardmorian Senate. Senators have a five year term, and must have already served at least two terms as a governor to be eligible. All government positions are voted on publically. All citizens above the age of 20 may vote, and most do.


Araed is not an exceptionally wealthy city, as it trades little with other cities outside of Ardmor. One of Araed's only exports is fish, which the city has an enormous surplus of due to advanced fishing technology. On the other hand, Araed imports quite a good deal from foreign lands. Mostly these imports consist of raw materials like lumber and stone, although the citizens of Araed often buy foreign furniture and goods, rather than 'waste their time' making these items themselves.


Araed's harbor is seperated from the open sea by stone walls built into the ocean. Wide enough for three soldiers to walk abreast atop them, these walls force any incoming ships to enter the harbor by passing between the Herian Tower and the Ohlk Tower. Built hundreds of years ago, the gap between the towers has seemingly shrunk as naval technology has rose worldwide. Therefore, large ships most drop anchor outside the walls, and have their passengers and cargo transported into the harbor aboard one of Araed's smaller ships.


The military might of Araed is quite small, and divided into two groups. The Ardian Navy (formed in the early history of the city, they have retained the city's original name) is the larger of the two groups. The Ardian Navy patrols the sea surrounding Araed, as well as the Ardmor coastline. The rest of the military is the City Guard, who patrol the streets and are always prepared to man the walls in case of attack. While the numbers of both forces are small, they use advanced weaponry to their advantage.


The city's primary naval defense is the sea-wall and the towers of Herian and Ohlk. For defense from attackers landing on the remote shore of the isle, and then marching on the city from the beach, a city wall was constructed. This wall has no proper gates, but rather several small iron doors which can be locked and fortified quite easily. This makes attacking the city from the sea the only viable option, but still incredibly difficult. In addition to the walls encircling the city, there are six large watchtowers. Each of these towers are built similarly, with the top three to four floors dedicated to the City Guard. On the highest floor is a room with large arched windows, and inside is a massive telescope that let the guards see far out over the horizon. On the roof of these towers are mounted large trebuchets, capable of firing in any direction with incredible accuracy.


For the most part, the citizens of Araed has embraced science as their new religion. However, of the few remaining followers of the Path of Balance, most reside in Araed. Also of note is that the one remaining structure outside of the city walls in the ruins of a small temple, once the center of the local religion. It is rumored that new ceremonies are being held in the ruins late at night.

Locations of Interest

Herian Tower

The southern tower of Araed's sea-wall. Named after Governor Herian, who started construction of the sea defenses shortly after the city officially gained its independence from Dorvel.

Ohlk Tower

The northern tower of Araed's sea-wall, and twin to the Herian Tower. Named after Admiral Ohlk, the first admiral of the Ardian Navy.

The DACAR Heralds

'The Heralds', as most people call them (DACAR stands for 'Department of Ancestral and Coats of Arms Research'), is perhaps Araed's most well-known scholar's guild. Founded shortly after the formation of Ardmor by the brothers Ingrim and Urta, the Heralds have converted an ancient church on Herlin street into their base of operations. Here they specialize in research on information of persons long since deceased, and ancient coats of arms. The results of their endless studies are always on public display in their library (most of the first floor has been converted into the library, as their collection has grown quite large.)

For a small fee, the Heralds also design new coats of arms for guilds. To obtain a coat of arms you, or your institution, must have reached a certain social status in Dural. You can attain this either by being declared noble by a king or government, or if your guild has reached a large number of members. It has even been rumored that the Heralds have occasionally given coats of arms to merchants, who may have donated quite a large sum of Unces to the Heralds. Of course, nobody believes those stories, the Heralds are very much respected by all the important families in Ardmor.

Unlike most of Ardmor, the Heralds are very interested in the outside world. They keep detailed records of all the important clans and families in Dural, and are always eager to learn about new lands.